Grade 10 Mathematics Study Guide

Why Learners Prefer to Use The New Solution as Study Guide

  • The work is explained by means of examples with step-by-step reasoning. This offers the learner the ability to revise the work done in class during the day, unaided at home.
  • Each section is presented separately and the learner can therefore, easily prepare for a test on a specific section.
  • Although the contents of each chapter is complete, it is presented concisely and put together in such a way that the learner can comprehend and easily and effectively revise for tests and exams.
  • Many of the examples in the Grade 11 and 12 Study guides are similar to the questions put in the National Senior Certificate examination.
  • The Grade 10 and 11 Solution Study Guides will become vital as revision material for Grade 12 learners, especially during their final exams.
  • Subject advisors and teachers recommend the study guides, while universities use them in training teachers and learners.
  • As Mathematics requires a good foundation, we would strongly advise learners to start using “The New Solution” in Grade 8.

For a sample of our Grade 10 Study Guide, please click the link below.

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